Interactive experiments over several days
without human interaction.

✔ 24/4 real time tracking

✔ Variable script controlled procedures

✔ Animal activated trial progress

✔ 24/7 HD video recording

Biobserve Forced swim test

FST Analysis

This software is designed to automate the forced swim test.

Biobserve Behavioral spectrometer

Behavioral Spectrometer

The Behavior Spectrometer combines Biobserve’s video tracking analysis with behavioral instruments’ vibration pattern based behavior recognition.

Biobserve Products Viewer


Our solution does not only track the center of the animal (as competitive products do) but also the nose and the tail without marking the animal.

Biobserve Phenofinder

Pheno Finder

The PhenoFinder software breaks through the data analysis bottleneck. It is a powerful tool to organize your complete workflow, analyze a huge number of pooled experiments and create convincing reports.

Biobserve Homecage Plus

Homecage Plus

We developed a fully automated, modular, and home cage-based environment to explore the dynamics of the behavioral performance in situations of deliberate choice on drastically extended time-scales.

Biobserve Fear test

Fear Test

This is a video based freezing detection system that can be used with any kind of third party fear conditioning system.

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Long term animal model for PTSD developed by VU University Amsterdam and Biobserve

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Researchers at the VU University Amsterdam and Biobserve GmbH have succeeded in developing the first validated animal model to simulate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in mice (see This... Read More →