The scientific credibility crisis

Impugning the credibility of science as a whole In our scientific bulletin from February this year (Reproducibility in Behavioral Neuroscience: Methods Matter), we focused on the findings of a recent survey by Baker an colleagues (Baker et al., 2016), which indicates a...

Automated screening of baseline behaviors in the home cage

Importance of long-term screening in the home cage Irrespective of the type of study involving the assessment of behavioral performance, individual performance significantly depends on individual susceptibility to ‘stress’ (i.e., unspecific, external and/or uncontrollable factors...

Sensor fusion to improve behavioral observation

Terminology Sensor fusion is the combination of sensory data from independent sources to produce a more accurate interpretation of reality than can be achieved from a single source (Haghighat et al. 2011). One particularly illustrative example is stereoscopic vision of rodents...

Reproducibility in Behavioral Neuroscience: Methods Matter

Is there a reproducibility crisis? In a recent survey (Baker, 2016) on the reproducibility in research Nature addressed 1,576 researchers. More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, and more than half have failed to...

Individual running wheel activity in group housed mice

The RFID running wheel combines state-of-the-art animal identification with long term activity measurement in the home cage. By combing a home cage fitting running wheel with a technique to identify individual animals reliably, Biobserve offers a cost effective solution to...

In vivo Phenotyping of Mutant Rodents – Postgraduate ONWAR Course

Biobserve supports the 6th Postgraduate ONWAR Course in Behavioral Neuroscience In vivo Phenotyping of Mutant Rodents: Integrating Neural Activity, Neurochemistry, Heart Rate & Behavior VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 28 – September 2, 2017 Organizers:...

Analyzing behavioral data with the free R* software

Scientific studies with a sufficiently large study power to provide significant output as well as valid interpretations are based on extensive data sets in most cases. Modern technologies allow for drastically increased spatial and temporal resolution of automated behavioral...

Advantages of the Modified Barnes Maze

In order to investigate the behavioural performance of rodents concerning spatial learning and memory, the Morris water maze drastically increased in popularity since Richard G. Morris conceived it in 1981 as an alternative to the radial maze. To reduce levels of stress due to...

Thermal camera video tracking – forget the light!

Problems with illuminating your tracking setup? Use thermographic cameras with our Viewer video tracking software. Everyone dealing with video tracking knows the story. Creating good lighting conditions for reliable tracking results with different animal strains can take a lot of...