The following systems can be used to observe and analyze social interaction automatically.


Perform Skinner Box conditioning experiments with newest technology! Pigeon controls the afferent and efferent hardware and produces a convincing result table.

Fear Test

The fear conditioning system is a video based freezing detection system that can be used with any kind of third party fear conditioning hardware.
This software is designed to replace human observers in scoring freezing behavior by estimating micro-movements of animals. The software analyzes the video image of up to 16 animals simultaneously. It automatically builds ethograms and statistics.

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HomeCage Plus

Developed for fear conditioning, applicable for a wide range of behavioral experiments. Traditional fear conditioning methods require frequent handling of the animals. That affects the measurement of fear-related parameters such as behavioral and physiological responses. We therefore developed a fully automated home cage environment to explore the dynamics of fear responses in deliberate and motivated choice situations.

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