Viewer offers several different ways to control animal-hardware-software interaction. The system can control self designed complex experimental setups. It is possible to make or to let the animal interact with software controled devices like doors, food dispensers, loudspeakers, monitors, touch screens, shockers, lights and more. The software can instantly react on sensor input, like beam-breaks for example, locomotion and place dependant measurements.

  • Let the animal conrtol devices like in conditioning experiments
  • Remote control devices manually and get actions logged in your result files
  • Trigger devices in dependency from the animal’s position or pre-defined events
  • Combine device actions with if-relations
  • Write your own device control time tables with our script tool by simply adding actions
  • Record behavioral and/or physiological data and synchronize it with the animal’s track data


Experiment Control Suite [PDF]
Enables you to write hardware control scripts for Viewer. Without programming skills!

Take a detailed look at this system.

Examples for software – hardware interaction implemeted with Viewer

This page presents tools for place dependent device control a basic Viewer system comes with. To see a demonstration where sixteen zones trigger sixteen separate TTL pulses watch the video.


user_story_logoRead this illustrated User Story to see a setup BIOBSERVE implemented according to a customer’s design. The example shows how video-playback on monitors is triggered in different ways.


user_story_logoAdditional analog signal input in a User Story. It is an example for an advanced application with a Viewer plug-in. How to acquire analog data simultaneously to the tracking experiment.


Part of the basic Viewer interface: Send control commands in constant time intervals