Biobserve mazes


Visualizing, recording and analyzing simple and complex behavior

This system enables you to perform automatically controlled behavioral experiments without the disadvantages of an artificial setup such as skinner boxes or running wheels.An animal in the setup is observed with a video camera mounted above the experimental arena, which is connected to a computer. VIEWER analyses the images in order to identify the animal within the arena, determine its position (head, body and tail) and represent different data.

Turnkey mazes. All you need in a fair priced package

A lot of maze experiments are standardized. Common parameters are measured and analyzed. Tailored for each maze, our three-point-tracking software Viewer offers a plug-in solution. Plug-ins analyze experiment specific parameters. Even statistical comparison of several runs or group results are included.

We offer turnkey systems including everything you need to do your experiments.

Take a look at the available maze and software systems. Also, feel free to request not yet exisiting mazes. Or an analysis routine for your personal experiment protocol. It is a major feature of BIOBSERVE’s business concept to customize existing and to develop new products. Even for single customers. Request a quote with an online-form or simply send an email to

Barnes mazeModified hole boardThree Chambers
Plus mazeY mazeT maze
Radial mazeWater maze