Thermal camera video tracking – forget the light!

Problems with illuminating your tracking setup? Use thermographic cameras with our Viewer video tracking software.

Standard vs thermographic video image-homecage
Everyone dealing with video tracking knows the story. Creating good lighting conditions for reliable tracking results with different animal strains can take a lot of time.
 You must consider:

  • Contrast levels you must achieve
  • Shaded areas you have to avoid
  • Reflections
  • Different animal strains need different lightning conditions

And if several people share an experimental room it is even worse.

To solve these problems, Biobserve integrated thermographic cameras into the Viewer tracking software. These cameras deliver a data stream of the body heat image of the animal. These data can be converted into a high contrast video stream that can be analyzed with the Viewer tracking software.

Lighting doesn’t matter any more.

  • Track white on white under bright light
  • Don’t care about reflections
  • Don’t mind changes of light conditions during an experiment
  • Track perfectly under low light without fumbling around with additional infrared or red light illumination
  • Track in enriched environments and home cages.

standard vs. thermographic video - home cage
All hassle lighting issues are gone. Everything is possible.

And on top of that, you can get an additional parameter: the body temperature of the animal.

Contact us to get more information about this technique that will save you a lot of time and makes video tracking a no-brainer!