This system is designed to automate the entire observation and counting process of the forced swim test. It videotapes the experiment, analyzes the video, and automatically calculates the time spent struggling and time spent floating. Additional new behaviors the software can score are climbing, swimming and immobility as suggested by newly enhanced approaches.

Custom made infrared illumination devices improve the results of the video analysis. These units also contain a camera. Each unit can be used with two animals.

An A/D video converter can be used to feed analog video material (either live or taped) into the system.

Digital video cameras (FireWire/iLink) are used to feed the video signal into the computer with the FST Analysis software.

A remote control to start and stop the program without the keyboard can be useful in behavioral experiments.

We offer all inclusive “out-of-the-box” systems that include all devices (computer, camera, cables, illumination etc.) that are necessary to set up an automated FST.