FST High throughput Forced Swim Test Analysis. This software is designed to automate the forced swim test. The software analyzes the video image of up to eigth animals simultaneously and automatically calculates the time spent struggling, swimming and floating as suggested by newly enhanced approaches.

High throughput

Up to 8 animals can be tested simultaneously what allows high throughput testing.
All acquired data are calculated and presented in real time already during the experiment. The possibility to save different setup configurations and to generate pdf based summary reports automatically makes it even easier to deal with your test sessions.

Mice & Rats

Mice and rats show different behaviors during the forced swim test. Our system can be used with both species and considers the differences.

Three behaviors

Comparing the active versus the inactive time provides only a small amount of results that are possible to get from the forced swim test. Our system is capable to distinguish between the three behaviors struggling, swimming and floating and considers also the temporal course of the shown behaviors.

Extensive statistical functionality

The software offers a big number of statistical test to analyze the acquired data. You don’t need to go through the data with other programs. Just select the algebraic function or test you want to be calculated and see the results instantly. One behavioral test – one software.

Database integration

The software offers standard interfaces to communicate with other applications like databases. Thereby it is for example possible to transfer data into existing animal databases easily. You can import database records into the FST software, perform experiments and export the data back into your animal database. That is true high throughput!

Digital video encoding included

You do not want to fill another locker with your experiment tapes? With the FST software you can directly encode your experiment to a digital video file in real time. Easy to do, easy to store and easy to handle. These different source signals can be used with the FST software: FireWire camera (live or tape), USB camera, analog camera, VCR, digital video file.

Real time individual and group performance calculation

During the experiment the acquired data are calculated and displayed graphically in real time. Thus you are able to really see what is going on.

Further processing of data and diagrams

The collected data can be exported for other applications. Further individual data manipulations can be conducted. All diagrams that have been generated during the experiment or the data analysis are saved in the vector graphic format (wmf) thereby making them easy to integrate and work with in other programs.

Useful diagrams

Already during the experiment the acquired data are analyzed and presented in convincing diagrams. All diagrams can be exported in different file formats (bmp, wmf and emf).

Phenotyping with the FST system

The table shows phenotypes that can be detected with the FST system (based on the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) project, that provides integrated access to data on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse). Take a look at the Mammalian Phenotype Browser for more information.

FireWire support

The software supports the FireWire/iLink port for digital video cameras. You can use any DV-Camera with a FireWire port. This simplifies the installation because no framegrabber card or driver problems occur. It´s just plug and measure.