The integrated data analysis offers extensive possibilities to analyze and visualize the data. For example you can group the data of different animals of several experiments and perform intra- and inter-group calculations and comparisons.

This is a list of the provides values and calculations:

Individual analysisGroup analysisGroup to group analysis
Min and max valuesMin and max valuesMin and max values and statistical relevant differences
AverageAverageAverage and statistical relevant differences
Exponential trendExponential trendExponential trend
P-values of the functionsP-values of the functionsStandard deviation for single group values
Standard deviationStandard deviationStandard error for single group values
Standard errorStandard errorStandard deviation for groups against each other
Upper approximate valueUpper approximate valueStandard error for groups against each other
Standard deviation for single valuesCombination of single groups statistics and the inter-group
Standard error for single valuesstatistic for the calculation of the validity of the inter-group statistic.
Standard deviation for single animals compared to group average
Standard error for single animals compared to group average

Data of animals and groups


By means of the project tree structure on the left side it is very easy to compare data of animals and groups.

Inter-group relations


This figure shows the behaviors for the three different groups and you can easily compare the data. All data and graphs can be exported in different file formats.

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