Based on different user-definable parameters, the software can detect different rotation classes. You can define up to ten filters for the different types of rotations you want to measure. The following screen shot shows how the plug-in is configured and how the different filters are defined.

One row in the table represents one filter setting. For each filter you can define a name (first column) and the different parameters like

  • Angle (min. <-> max.)
  • Duration (min. <-> max.)
  • Diameter (min. <-> max.)
  • Direction
  • Pause (min., for example to distinguish two 180° rotations with a certain break from a 360° rotation)
  • Distance to arena wall

You can also decide whether each filter is an exclusive filter. Exclusive rotations cannot include others and cannot be part of other rotations.

Take a look at a movie (13 MB) that shows how the software measures circling behavior in a rat.

If you have questions or if you have a movie that you want to have analyzed as an example, please do not hesitate to contact us at