Viewer in its basic version offers single experiment result analysis. Simultaneously performed experiments still lead to separated results and these are presented on separat sheets. Advanced analysis, respectively pooled analysis, is possible as well.

Biobserve offers software solutions on different scales:

  • The quick and easy tool: For all kind of experiments you can get an Experiment list (see Y-Maze screen shots below as an example).
  • The all inclusive tool: This is the Phenofinder – an indepently working software. It compares, sums up, averages searches for pattrerns and much more. Thereby it can handle any number of results, no matter from which kind of experiment.


Y-Maze Experiment list

Experiment lists are tables that contain an experiment result in each table row. Every time an experiment is finished, a table row is added automatically. Thus you can pool results regarding day of execution or you may build different groups, like doses groups for example. Such a result pool is good for comparing final results. There is no information about the experiment progression or parameter developement during a test in it. You get averages, sums, standard error and standard deviation for each parameter in a group. Furthermore groups can be compared statistically.

viewer y maze explist

Y-Maze Expriment lists related statistics

With the Single / Group tabs below the statistics table, you can switch from Experiment list analysis to group comparison mode.
If you now want to know, how an average would look like when an experiment is excluded from calculation, simply unselect it by removing the X in the Use line in the Experiment list.

viewer y maze groupstat

An example of a complete screen shot with statistics visualization is placed on the Object Recognition Plug-In product site.

Visit the Phenofinder product site, to see high end result pool analysis.