“small bubble Studying aspects of feeding behaviour in fruit flies with ViewerII.” – read this user story
Dr. David Richter, University of Bonn, Life & Medical Sciences (LIMES)

“Using ViewerII in a behavioral core facility.” – read this user story
Dr. Maria Gulinello, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

“Experience with Viewer tracking software” – read this user story
Dr. Andreas Borta, Biomedical Research Center Marburg

“High-throughput measurements of mate choice with the Viewer.” – read this user story
Dr. Gil Rosenthal, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University

“Interactive Monitor Trainer.” – read this user story
This is an example how to perform experiments with interactive video playback.

“Social Group Interaction.” – read this user story
This user investigates social interaction accross six animals of two different breeds.

“Additional analog signal input.” – read this user story
How to acquire analog data simultaneously to the tracking.

“BLOG: Thoughts on Animal Communication.” – read this user story
The Viewer program and its use in animal behavior trials.