This is an example how to perform interactive experiments with the Viewer tracking system.
Plug-Ins: Monitor Trainer and Custom Export


The Scenario

The user is interested in the response of animals (in this particular cave fishes) to different videos of other male/female fishes and wants to confront the animals with different movies based on different parameters. With the “Monitor Trainer” Plug-In our Viewer tracking software is capable to control a multiple monitor play-back setup based on the animals behavior or other parameters.

The Setup

The camera is installed above the fish tank and is connected with a computer that runs our Viewer tracking software.motion_trainer_topview The two small sides of the tank are covered with LCD computer monitors that are connected to a computer that plays the videos. This Movie Control computer and the Viewer computer are connected via a standard network TCP/IP connection. The Viewer computer triggers and controls the play-back of the different movies.

Movie control options

There are different possibilities how the interactive movie play-back can be controlled:

  • Zone entry/exit – Play-back is controlled based on zone entries. Each time the animal enters a certain zone, the movie starts automatically.
  • Observer controlled – The scientist can assign movies to different keys and can Start/Stop the movies manually.
  • Individual schedule – The scientist can configure a time schedule and the movies are played based on that schedule during the experiment.
  • Loop – Movies can be played continuously during the experiment.



This user owns two complete interactive systems and two standard Viewer tracking systems what enables him to perform high throughput experiments and test. He also uses the Custom Export Plug-In to pool the data of the different tracking setups in real time.