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Links & Downloads
On these pages you can watch movies that show our solutions in action. You can downloads brochures for many products and find useful software tools.
Customer remote access tool  
[download]  [download]
DivX Video Codec
For video file compression we rely on DivX video codec in all our software.
You can always find an installer of the currently supported version here.
Malfunction of our software caused by using an inappropriate video codec version is not included in our free support.
Divx Logo
BIOBSERVE's free DiskCheck tool
Recording video files is sensible when working with video tracking software. But good videos come with large file size and used hard disk space sums up constantly. To avoid the situation that there is no free disk space anymore while you're recording an experiment, you can use the DiskCheck tool. It gives a noticable visual alert as soon as only 5 GB of free disk space are left. Download it and place it into a directory in the 'Programs' folder. Then create a shortcut and place it into your MS Windows 'Autorun' folder. divx_logo
Desktop background 1920x1260
This is a simple uni colored background with our logo. A second one shows some written advice about how to handle a computer that is used as scientific measuring instrument. divx_logo
Test protocols and descriptions by Dr. Maria Gulinello
Dr. Gulinello, head of the behavioral test core facility at Albert Einstein College, NY, is an appriciated customer. She helps us in evaluating our software. In the documents listed here she shares some protocols and insights from her enormous experience.
  Acoustic Startle
  Balance Beam Test
  Elevated Plus Maze
  Grip Strength Test
  Marble Burying Test
  Rotarod Test
  Water Maze
  Rodent Estrous Cycle
Behavior analysis - topical links
  nature protocols 
 Table: Troubleshooting guide for object recognition task in rats and mice by Rick A Bevins, Joyce Besheer
 Object recognition in rats and mice: a one-trial non-matching-to-sample learning task to study 'recognition memory' by Rick A Bevins, Joyce Besheer
 Barnes maze, a useful task to assess spatial reference memory in the mice by Berta Sunyer, Sudarshan Patil, Harald Höger, Gert Lubec

  Stanford School of Medicine Brilliant overview on behavioral tests. Brief text introductions, excellent illustration.
 Learning and Memory Tests
 Sonsorimotor Tests
 Social Interaction Tests
 From Genotype to Phenotype A matrix associates: Behavioral Task - Parameter studied - Brain Region
Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience
Buccafusco JJ, editor. 2nd edition. Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press; 2009   NCBI 

Mouse Behavioural Testing - how to use mice in behavioral neuroscience
Wahlsten D, Release Date: 25 Nov 2010, Academic Press   Elsevier 

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