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These pages present user testimonials to you. Read about exeptional setups built with our Viewer tracking software.

small bubble Studying aspects of feeding behaviour in fruit flies with ViewerII
Dr. David Richter, University of Bonn, Life & Medical Sciences (LIMES)

Using ViewerII in a behavioral core facility
Dr. Maria Gulinello, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

Experience with Viewer tracking software
Dr. Andreas Borta, Biomedical Research Center Marburg

High-throughput measurements of mate choice with the Viewer
Dr. Gil Rosenthal, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University

Interactive Monitor Trainer
This is an example how to perform experiments with interactive video playback.

Social Group Interaction
This user investigates social interaction accross six animals of two different breeds.

Additional analog signal input
How to acquire analog data simultaneously to the tracking.

BLOG: Thoughts on Animal Communication
The Viewer program and its use in animal behavior trials.

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