Spectator solution now supports GoPro cameras

The Biobserve Spectator software suite, our comprehensive solution for recording & debriefing scenarios, whether in healthcare simulation, command & control centers or defense training scenarios, now supports the use of GoPro action cameras.

In addition to standard cameras used in simulation setups, the GoPro action cameras can deliver a revealing perspective in the training.
Whether it is the patient view in a health care simulation setting by mounting the camera on a mannequin or a wearable camera to capture the field of view of a participant, the small cameras offer a wide range of opportunities to extend the standard simulation settings.

Since the Spectator software is not limited in the number of signals it can record and play back, using GoPro cameras with our solution does not affect the common video/audio setup with some fixed/pan-tilt cameras and a number of microphones. It is a flexible enhancement to get better insights and understanding of the participant’s behavior.

The GoPro cameras are controlled via WiFi and the recordings on the cameras are synchronized with all other signals.
With our customizable debriefing software, where individual play back scenarios can be defined concerning the size, position and visibility of all recorded sources, GoPro recordings can be added and used when it makes sense.

You can pick which cameras and screens you want to see and which microphones you want to hear. There is no limit in the number of signals you can use in the debriefing.

With the GoPro integration into the Biobserve Spectator software, you can go the next step beyond the current standard and reveal new aspects in training & simulation scenarios.