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The best tool for observational data acquisition & analysis

biobserve spectator data schemeThe Spectator software suite provides state-of-the-art recording techniques combined with all necessary software tools to acquire observational data in a meaningful and successful way. No matter whether you are looking for an easy to manage system for mobile testing, a solution to perform remote observations or a full featured lab for large scale usage, the Spectator satisfies all
requirements. Due to its modular system design, this solution can be used for any kind of observational data acquisition scenario.

The Spectator system can record multiple incoming signals in their original quality, acquire and analyze observational data about test participants, measure and rate success and efficiency of task accomplishment, analyze behavioral patterns and compare behaviors of different participants. With the Spectator you can train people for certain tasks and analyze the training’s progress and success.

Spectator software

The Spectator software suite provides everything you need to plan and manage test sessions in observational data acquisition scenarios. You may administer various scenarios, acquire all data in realtime with no need to reanalyze and finally, distribute the results in a comfortable and effective way. Spectator covers all these issues and is still easy to use.

You can manage different recording setups, schedule test sessions in a comfortable calendar, code observational data easily, create videos of the test highlights by auto-cutting and make presentations with your own corporate identity using the integrated report generator. In addition, the integrated User Account Control provides the possibility to use one system with different users without worrying to mess up someone else’s data.

The user-definable interface of the Spectator software provides an overview on all important information during data acquisition and analysis.

biobserve spectator observational data acquisition screen

Screen shot of the Spectator software

On the left side of the screen shot, the Window control lists shortcuts to all available information windows in the current test situation. The session control window shows which session is currently recorded and the project it belongs to. As any information window, the video signal windows (participant and monitors) can be switched on and off at will. Additionally you can see the predifined tasks (one is already successfully completed in the screenshot), the name of the participant, the behavior list with the currently logged behavior, the recording time and a table with all recorded behaviors and events. The time chart provides a perfect overview of all past and current codings.

For contract research companies it is important to hand over attractive result presentations to customers. Therefore and for the convenience of any user it is possible to produce portable presentations. The Spectator system comes with a special player you can configure to replay all recorded media and charts perfectly synchronized. The end-user simply has to start replay. Learn more about this feature here

Watch a movie of the software in action in a data acquisition.

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