Biobserve Products ViewerOne tracking system for all demands. Object tracking with capability for establishing the subject’s body axis – automatic intervention possible – Automatic data processing – Generating ethogramms – Further processing of data and graphics – Contrast filter method – Resolution – Control via Internet – Switching between different user profiles – Experimental protocols – Flexibility.

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Forced Swim Test Analysis

Biobserve Forced Swim TestThis software is designed to automate the forced swim test. The software analyzes the video image of up to eigth animals simultaneously and automatically calculates the time spent struggling, swimming and floating as suggested by newly enhanced approaches.

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Tail Suspension Test Analysis

Biobserve Tail Suspension TestThis software is designed to automate the tail suspension test. The program analyzes the video image of up to sixteen animals simultaneously and automatically calculates the time spent inactive, swinging and climbing.

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Biobserve Pheno FinderThe PhenoFinder software breaks through the data analysis bottleneck. This software brings data mining techniques into the behavioral data analysis. Multidimensional data analysis, cross correlations, project management, extensive graphing tools. Take a look and see how much fun data analysis can be.

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MLog Home Cage Activity Monitoring

Biobserve MLogMLog is an infrared based Home Cage Activity Monitoring System which uses state of the art network techniques making it possible to connect hundreds of cages to one computer.

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Cage Guard

Biobserve Cage GuardWith the Cage Guard system, you really know what is going on in your cages. This solution provides real time data about, drinking, feeding, activity, temperature, humidity, light intensity and an additional analog input of your choice.

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Spectator Go!

Biobserve Spectator GoCollect observational data with an iOS bases mobile device. Observe several subjects simultaneously and collect up to 56 different behaviors.

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Homecage PLUS

Biobserve Homecage PlusScript controlled behavioral experiments in home cage-based setups. The PLUS stands for a wide range of customizable test compartments, which can be attached the home cage in a modular fashion. Drastically extendable time-scales – no human interference – minimized unspecific stress!

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Behavioral Spectrometer

Biobserve Behavioral spectrometerBehavior Spectrometer combines video tracking with vibration pattern analysis. It delivers detailed behavior sequences, activity and position data.

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Fear Test

Biobserve Fear testFear Test for high accuracy freezing detection. The system can handle up to 12 cages simultaneously. Three cameras, each observing four cages, feed their signal into one software interface. Detection thresholds are easy to adjust. And so is the integration of any kind of third party hardware.

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