The integrated data analysis offers a wide range of options for analysis and visualisation of the data. For example you can group the data of different animals from several experiments and then perform intra- and inter-group calculations and comparisons.

Activity data of animals and groups

This figure shows the activity rhythm of a rat over four days. You can clearly see the circadian rhythm. MLog allows you to compare the activity data of animals or groups very simply. Just select the units you want to compare in the pop-up window and the diagram is redrawn with the selected data. Thus it is very easy to compare different animals or groups. Of course the diagrams can also be printed and saved.

Activity classes

This bar chart shows the time the selected animal spends in each of the ten possible activity classes. The activity classes are a means to divide the activity values into ten groups to provide a more detailed view of the activity seen.

The Actogram

An actogram shows the activity/inactivity of an animal based upon a definable threshold. White symbolizes activity, black inactivity. The actogram is calculated based on two parameters; the activity threshold and the time interval. Both parameters can be changed and the actogram is recalculated in real time. The diagram can be copied and saved in different file formats.

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