In the configuration area, the adjustments for the activity units in use and the proposed experiment are made.

Activity unit management


  • Activity units: All activity units in use are shown.
  • Activity unit description: You can enter a description for each single activity unit (i.e. for each animal). This may be an animal number or test substance for example.
  • Groups: You can group the units and enter a description for each group. Even during the experiment, the group data will be calculated and presented in real time.
  • Application Server & Central units: Technical preferences for internal data communication.


Experiment description


  • Experiments: Number of experiments in the system.
  • Description: Description of the experiment.
  • Filename: Filename of the experiment.
  • Time and date: You can select whether real time or absolute time is used for the experiment and you can use the automatic start and stop option.


Data analysis


  • Activity classes: Division of the ten activity classes.
  • Interval data: Time interval of the summary data.
  • Actogram: Time interval and threshold of the actogram (also can be changed later).


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