Infrared background illumination – custom made

Custom made infrared illumination improves video tracking results generally. Especially our background illumination devices produce best contrast values. Invisible to rodents! You can even run experiments in darkness.

TTL outbreak box to control external hardware

We offer Trigger Boxes that can control external hardware (e.g. Optogenetics) based on the animal’s behavior.
From a simple event like a zone visit up to complex situations with several conditions you can define trigger signals in our powerful Viewer script language.
Also incoming TTL signals from sensors (e.g. beam breaks) and levers can be processed and used to control the software or other hardware.

Remote Control

A remote control to start and stop the program without the keyboard can be useful in behavioral experiments.

Environmental data

With the Environment Monitor extension you can improve your experimental meta data with a complete list of room climate data (temperature, humidity, light intensity).

Custom made Mazes

We offer custom made mazes, arenas and experimental setups.

Merged video sources

To observe really large setups, Viewer supports recording and analysis of several merged video sources.
From all the cameras connected to the tracking system, you can compose an individually merged video signal like pieces in a puzzle.

We provide “out-of-the-box” systems that include all devices (computer, camera, cables, illumination etc.) that are necessary to set up a tracking system.