rotation_screenBased on the data we acquire with our video tracking software Viewer, this plug-in reliably evaluates rotation and circling behavior in rats and mice. The Viewer can detect and track an animal’s head, body and tail. The built-in animal’s body posture analysis is another feature that ensures reliability of results and makes this plug-in a unique tool.

The screenshot shows the camera signal with the tracked head, body and tail point. From the body point the blue line traces the animal’s movement. Just by a view you can nicely construe how the animal rotates with a drift.The table on the right shows how all relevant data are presented in real time and the body axis during the last rotation.

Take a look at a movie that shows how the software measures circling behavior in a rat. In the lower right corner you will see a table like the one above. In this table, a new line with rotation data is added after each rotation.

How does rotation detection work?

Rotation detection is adapted to the scientist’s definition of it. With different user-definable parameters you can configure the system to measure circling behavior the way you want to.

What kind of parameters are acquired?
For each rotation, the software measures and presents the following parameters in real time:- Time of occurrence- Duration- Diameter- Angle- Direction (left/right)- Velocity- Track length

What do you get on top of that?
Besides the data for each single rotation, the plug-in provides statistics on user-definable time intervals.- Number of rotations in each interval- Duration (Average and Standard Deviation)- Diameter (Av. and SD)- Angle (Av. and SD)- Direction (Av. and SD. Left is -1, right is 1)- Velocity (Av. and SD)- Track length (Av. and SD)

Take a look at the ConfigurationData Acquisition and Data Analysis of the Rotation Plug-in.