Vocalization in rodents is an important factor in a wide range of behavioral experiments. With the Ultrasound vocalization Plug-In for the Viewer tracking software you can record and analyze ultrasound and correlate interesting sound events to the behavior of the animal.ultrasound vocalization data


In the configuration you can select the device for the sound input, define the range of the Y-Axis for the signal amplitude and set a threshold for the automated shout detection the system provides.

Data Acquisition

During the data acquisition, an additional pop-up window shows the ultrasound specific parameters in addition to the standard data acquisition interface of the Viewer tracking software.The pop-up window shows:

  • the sound signal in real time
  • a table with the detected max. amplitude and the number of shouts for each user-definable time interval
  • a graph with the number of shouts for each interval over time

The software is compatible with the excellent hardware (microphones, amplifiers) of Avisoft Bioacoustics.