biobserve spectator


The best tool for observational data acquisition & analysis.

biobserve spectator touch

Spectator Touch

Observational Data Collection on the fly.

biobserve spectator go

Spectator GO!

Spectator GO! is a mobile solution for observational data acquisition using smartphones and tablets.

biobserve media recorder

Media Recorder

Synchronized recording and playback of DVI, VGA, video, audio and other analog and digital signals.

biobserve bodymonitor

Body Monitor

With the Body Monitor software you can acquire and analyze physiological data in an easy and user friendly way.

biobserve questionnaire server

Questionnaire Server

Automated data acquisition and analysis from digital questionnaires.

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SimChallenge 2017 competition

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In the course of the annual meeting of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) in Paris in June, another Simulation Challenge will take place. Teams of medical students compete in simulation scenarios with high fidelity patient simulators and are judged... Read More →

Color Detection in image signals

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The Biobserve MediaRecorder software is now capable to detect color changes in any kind of image signal, either in a video signal or in a computer screen image. Even TCP/IP relayed video and monitor signal streams can be processed. Applications Color detection in monitor signals... Read More →

Spectator solution now supports GoPro cameras

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The Biobserve Spectator software suite, our comprehensive solution for recording & debriefing scenarios, whether in healthcare simulation, command & control centers or defense training scenarios, now supports the use of GoPro action cameras. In addition to standard... Read More →

Biobserve wins tender for recording & debriefing system

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Biobserve has been selected to deliver its Spectator recording & debriefing solution for the professional school for paramedics in Burghausen ( Four rooms will be equipped with almost 30 signal sources (video, audio and screens) that can be... Read More →

Biobserve sponsors SESAM SimOlympics

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Biobserve sponsored the main price for the winning team at the SESAM SimOlympics challenge in Lisbon in 2016. Five student teams from five countries fought in challenging simulation scenarios for a place in the finals where a real patient waited for the teams. That was a big... Read More →

Biobserve exhibits at SESAM Lisbon 2016

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Visit us at booth EX 3 to see our flexible recording & debriefing solution for simulation in health care. From mobile systems up to full scale simulation center management applications we provide the full range of record, replay, review. For the website:... Read More →

Rudolf Frey learning Hospital of the University of Mainz

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Biobserve delivers its Spectator Simulation Center Suite to the new Rudolf Frey learning Hospital of the University of Mainz. Over 50 camera, audio and screen signals can be recorded and streamed in the while building. Lecture planning, course management, student database,... Read More →