Here you can find a list of the main producst we provide for observational data acquisition scenarios.

Spectator Software Suite

Observational Data Acquisition & Analysis
The Spectator software suite provides state of the art recording techniques combined with all necessary software tools to acquire observational data in a meaningful and successful way. No matter whether you are looking for an easy to manage system for mobile testing, a solution to perform remote observations or a full featured lab for large scale usage inlcuding eye tracking and physiological data acquisition, the Spectator satisfies all requirements.
Due to its modular system design, this solution can be used for any kind of observational data acquisition scenario.

Specator Touch Software

Observational Data Acquisition with your fingertip
The Spectator Touch software makes it very easy to acquire observational data on any touch screen device (e.g. Tablet PC or a standard PC with a touch screen monitor). Just push the buttons with the behaviors and events you configured with your finger. It is really data acquisition on the fly.
The software is made for real time observations, it is not linked to any kind of data source (video, audio, etc.).

Specator GO! Software

Observational Data Acquisition on a PDA device
Spectator GO! is a mobile solution for observational data acquisition using handheld computers based on the PalmTM OS or Pocket PC.

Digital Recording Box

Lossless and synchronized recording and replay of DVI, VGA, video, audio and other analog and digital signals
If you want to record any kind of signal streams (VGA, DVI, HDMI, any kind of camera signal, audio, analog and digital data, etc.) in the best possible quality, the Digital Recording Box is the right tool to do that.

Body Monitor

Physiological Data Acquisition & Analysis
With the Body Monitor software you can acquire and analyze physiological data in an easy and user friendly way. It is a state-of-the-art tool that offers all features you need to work with the acquired data online or offline. It can be used with various hardware interfaces, is customizable and expandable.

Mobile Questionnaire Survey Server

Gather data from digital question forms on an unlimited number of smart phones or tablet computers
When you have to gather a lot of data from many participants or over a long period of time, this IT infrastructure is the perfect solution for you.
You can update question papers remotely, gather data centrally, use any kind of remote input device and communication channels (SMS, UMTS, LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth etc.) and analyze data on the fly.