Color pixel detection icon Color Pixel Detection


The Biobserve Media Recorder can analyze video streams (camera, screen, monitor) to detect predefined color or pixel changes and generate individual alarm messages.

Color pixel detection applications

Color pixel detection in monitor signals is a powerful tool to detect changes for example in computer screen images automatically without human intervention. Think of screens in industrial plant control centers that show the states of machines, level indicators or valve conditions. Or a data center control room with hundreds of state indicators.
State changes of devices are often indicated with color changes.
With the color or pixel detection function it is possible to detect these changes automatically in any kind of image signal. This capability can free up the personal in the control center and increases the reliability of critical incident detection.

color detection in video streams screen shot

A monitor signal in an industrial plant control room is monitored for the occurance of a yellow and a red frame that indicate critical incidents in the system.

Customizable alarm function

To configure color pixel detection, you can select regions in the image and define the color that shall trigger the alarm. For each region you can also define a name (e.g. ‘Warning’ or ‘Alarm’) to identify the specific event.
Alarms can be sent as a customizable network message or by e-mail. Other notification possibilities can be integrated upon request.
The number of definable regions per image signal is not limited.

Analysis in the background

Even not shown virtual screen signals (KVM) can be analyzed in the background and brought to attention to the person in charge only if a predefined event is detected.

Like for all other features of our Media Recorder software, an API is available for system integrators to integrate the this color detection feature seamlessly into your own solution to provide clients unique features with a real added value.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your project requirements and we will let you know what we can provide to support you.