Control Center Surveillance

Control Center Surveillance

Our Media Recorder is the ideal tool for control center surveillance scenarios and provides a flexible platform technology to realize complex recording demands in an easy and smart way.

Black Box solution for control centers

Based on the Media Recorder technology we provide 24/7 recording solutions for video walls and control rooms.
All relevant signals like screens, keyboard and mouse signals, phone and radio communication can be recorded.
Also other system relevant data streams can be acquired and stored synchronized with all other signals.

Juridical recording solution

We offer customized juridical recording solutions with all necessary features to fulfill juridical demands. For example user authorization and permission levels, file encryption and automated time controlled handling of recordings.

 You can record the following signal sources

  • DVI
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • Network streams
  • Video cameras
  • Audio
  • Additional analog and digital data streams


Recording procedure

The system records all signals independently but synchronized in their original spatial and temporal resolution.
No signal combination, no cropping, no picture-in-picture, no down scaling.
The Media Recorder saves one file per signal. For example if you do a six screen video wall recording in combination with three audio streams, the recording consists of nine individual video and audio files. You have access to each individual file.
However, the Media Recorder allows to configure spatial and temporal resolution recording parameters and video encoding settings for each signal individually. Thus you can define for example a lower spatial resolution for the recording than the original resolution of the source signal.


Since the Media Recorder saves each file individually, you have the highest possible flexibility concerning the playback. You can either watch all files of a recoding simultaneously or you can pick an individual combination of files to be replayed. The playback software presents each signal  in a separate window, enabling you to arrange and resize the video windows as you like.
You can save playback settings and custom views for a flexible and standardized reuse.


You can stream all signals with individual parameters (frames per second, spatial resolution, data rate). Thus our technology not only offers outstanding recording capabilities but also real time streaming for remote access to all signals of the control center.

Pixel & Color Detection

Combined with our real time video content analysis solution for pixel and color change detection, the Media Recorder is a comprehensive tool for productivity, automation and security.


One Media Recorder can record several audio, video, screen and other signals. The exact number of signals per recorder depends on various parameters like spatial and temporal resolution of the source signals, required recording quality and video encoder.
If one recorder is not enough to record all sources in a scenario, additional recorders can be connected and synchronized via the network.

Application Programming Interface (API)

You are a system integrator looking for a recording solution you can incorporate seamlessly into your own solutions? Welcome! With our API we offer access to all functions of our recoding & playback technology. And by using the available Plug-In interface you can even develop customized tools tailored to the control center surveillance demands of your client.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your project requirements and we will let you know how we can support you.