Fields of Application

Our solutions are in use in various different fields of applications that have similar demands concerning observational data acquisition and analysis.


Collecting observational data in schools, families and therapy centers are the main ranges of application in Psychology.

Occupational Psychology becomes more and more important and is the second area of application.

Read the user story about monitoring team work performance in a hospital.

Usability & Ergonomics
Testing the usability of software, websites, driver assistance systems, mobile phones, navigation devices and so on is the biggest market for observational data acquisition systems. We provide easy to install mobile usability labs, fixed usability labs and even implement complex systems with all kinds of signal sources.

Health Care
Take a look at the user story of Dr. Sole who uses the system to monitor patients care in a clinical study or how team work performance is monitored in an operating room at the Mayo Clinic.

Our systems are also used to train nurses and to test the usability of health care devices.

Training & Simulation
Our systems are for example in use to train flight radar officers in the Royal Air Force and tactical flight personnel in other Armies.

More and more training is done in virtual reality environments and it is very important to document and analyze those training scenarios wiht the best available quality to ensure an efficient training and a steep learning curve.

The excellent recording quality, reliability and flexibility of our systems are the most important features in this market.