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You want to perform test sessions in your customer’s company?

You need a system that is effortless to transport and easy to install. The few things you need:

  • A notebook with the Spectator software
  • Mediarecorder
  • A digital video camera
  • Cables (FireWire, monitor, ethernet)


Transportation: Everything you need for this mobile setup fits into a special padded aluminium suitcase.


The monitor signal of the Notebook goes into the Screen Recorder and is recorded as a MPEG 4 file. If the participant is working on a desktop PC a small signal splitter is used to split the monitor signal. The video and audio signal from the digital camera goes via FireWire into your Notebook and is recorded as a digital file. Your Notebook is connected with the Screen Recorder via an ethernet cable to control the Screen Recorder (Start/stop recording, transfer MPEG files). You are sitting near to the participant and you can see his monitor. If you can’t see the participants monitor you can optionally connect a monitor to the screen recorder and see the participants monitor image on that monitor.

Perform a session:
During the session the videos (monitor and participant) are recorded and synchronized. You can code behaviors and mark interesting scenes with shortcuts you defined in the configuration of the Spectator software.When you stop the recording the monitor video recorded on the Screen Recorder will be automatically transferred to your notebook.